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What We Do

The purpose of this website is to help you to finance and to grow your project.

To do so, we offer you the possibility of creating a funding pot which can be inflated thanks to generous internautes.

The special feature of our website can allow people to make a free donation !

Indeed, thanks to our partners, users can either donate the amount of their choice or watch a short video. In that case, our partner will reverse you a financial compensation. Moreover, our website propose to users, as well as project leaders, many ways to share projects on social networks.

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How it's work ?

To see and make a donation, you just have to click on a projet.

You can share projects that you want to see it grow on social media as soon as you arrived on the website.

If you want to propose your project or if you want to subscribe to a project to follow its evolution, you will need to create a account. But don't worry, it doesn't take more than a minute!

- On projects the image of the baby auk icon means that the project is funded at less than 50%

- the adolescent one icon means that the project is funded at more than 50%

- L'adulte icon means that the project is totally funded!

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